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PNY Turbo Attache R 32GB

PNY Turbo Attache R 32GB
Brand: PNY
Category: Pen Drive
Model: Turbo Attache R 32GB
Price: ৳ 575.00 BDT
ID: 80

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- Interface(s) : USB 3.2
- Connector Type : USB Type-A
- USB Generation : Gen 1
- Capacity (GB/TB) : 32GB
- Performance : 70MB/s (Access Time Read Mbps)
- Supported Operating System : Windows 7, 8 ,10 Mac OS: 10.3 and above
- Color : Black & Silver
- Dimensions : 77 mm x 17 mm x 10mm
- Weight (gm) : 21.6 gm
- Warranty : 5 Year
- Operating Temperature : 0 - 60 Degree C. Storage Temperature: -25 - 85 Degree C.
PNY Turbo Attache R 32GB USB 3.2 Gen 1 Black-Silver Pen Drive
Price: BDT 575.00 ৳
   Price updated on 2023-01-05

   View: 542

PNY Pen Drive Price In Bangladesh 2024. PNY Turbo Attache R 32GB Price In Bangladesh 2024. PNY Turbo Attache R 32GB Pen Drive Price In Bangladesh 2024 .

PNY Turbo Attache R 32GB Price In Singapore : SGD 8.85 $
PNY Turbo Attache R 32GB Price In USA : USD 6.76 $

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